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From left: Col. Justin Highley, incoming Project Director Joint Services; Brig. Gen. Alfred Abramson III, Program Executive Office Ammunition and Picatinny Commanding General; and Col. Joseph Chan, outgoing Project Director Joint Services during the ... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

The Project Director Joint Services welcomed a new leader during a change of management ceremony Aug. 6. The organization said good-bye to Col. Joseph Chan, as Col. Justin Highley took command of the organization.

The ceremony also marked Chan's retirement from the Army after 28 years of service.

"I'm humbled to be given the opportunity to transfer authority from one great Army officer to the next, but also to commemorate and celebrate the career of an outstanding officer," said Brig. Gen. Alfred Abramson, the Program Executive Officer Ammunition. Abramson officiated the event.

A Brooklyn, New York, native, Chan's Army career began when he completed the Reserve Officer Training Course at New York University in 1990. He then received his commission in the Infantry.

Chan transitioned to acquisition nearly two decades ago and has served in positions in the Rapid Equipping Force, Future Force Integration Directorate, the Training and Doctrine Command's Capabilities Manager for the Future Combat Systems, the Test and Evaluation Command and the Directorate of Combat Developments-Ordnance.

Chan served as the Program Executive Officer Ammunition's Product Manager Countermine and EOD before becoming the PD JS.

As the PD JS, Chan led a 42-person project management office responsible for the modernization and capacity expansion of the six Government Owned, Contractor Operated army ammunition plants that provide critical components in the ammunition supply chain. His team also executed conventional ammunition demilitarization for the entire Department of Defense.

Chan praised his PD JS team, saying that he was lucky to have been blessed with a team of high producers during his last assignment with the Army.

"Anything that the Joint Service team has done over the past two years really wasn't by me," he said. "It was done by a magnificent group of people within PD Joint Services. They are without a doubt the smartest and most amazing group I've worked with in 28 years."

Chan also thanked the Army for how it benefitted him personally and professionally, as well as his wife and children, and his mom for their support through the years.

Highley, who last served as the Assistant Product Manager for the Aviation Mission Planning System at the Program Executive Officer Aviation, said he looked forward to leading the PD JS team.

"General Abramson, I appreciate the opportunity to lead the great Joint Services team. I'm incredibly excited to be here, I'm excited and looking forward to it," Highley said.

As the PD JS, Highley will oversee the SMCA, or Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition for PEO Ammunition. In addition, PD JS oversees the restoration and modernization of the Army's Government Owned Contractor Operated ammunition plants.

"Joint Services team you guys have really impressed me over the last several weeks that I've been here. You are professional; you're competent and most importantly you're dedicated to the warfighter, which is what we need you to be as acquisition officers and professionals," he said.

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