CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A number of Army Energy Manager Training Workshops were held in the Huntington Convention Center August 20, 2018, which provided critical professional development for Army Energy Managers from installations across the Army.The Workshop brought together 250 Army energy professionals, facility energy managers and leadership from across all 156 Army installations and those supporting more than 1,000-community based Army National Guard and Army Reserve Centers. They discussed policies and guidance governing installation energy and water programs, new legislation, best practices, and initiatives for installations to become more energy secure and resilient.The workshops included strategies and best practices for improving energy and water security, reducing energy and water consumption through a variety of utility incentive programs, including third party financing authorities and other pertinent energy and water management challenges. The workshop also presented an opportunity to recognize Army Energy Managers for their achievements.The Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Energy and Sustainability, Mr. J.E. "Jack" Surash, P.E., opened the discussions with the three priorities put forth by the Secretary of the Army - readiness, modernization and reform. The three priorities are essential to planning for energy and water security and resilience to enhance mission effectiveness. With new guidance from the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2019, the importance of maintaining and developing infrastructure modernization to improve energy and water security is essential to increase installation readiness and resilience in the event of a grid outage or natural disaster.As part of the Workshop, Army infrastructure assessments and energy and water planning were discussed as opportunities to understand vulnerabilities of energy and water disruptions, at each installation, from a risk assessment standpoint. Information and lessons learned were briefed for the benefit of attendees to help them learn about the requirements for mission criticality and the need to determine energy and water resiliency strategies at Army installations.The Army Energy Managers Training Workshop allowed for the collaboration and discussion among energy professionals across Army installations. The sole focus of the workshop addressed risks at the installation to generate energy and water efficiency solutions, protecting mission assurance and increasing energy resilience.