Garrett relinquishes command to Gable, Wise
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While multiple exchanges of the colors at Headquarters and Service Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps, Henderson Hall's Joseph Rosenthal Theater Friday, history was made. For the first time in Henderson Hall history, there will be three company commanders leading four companies made up of over 2,000 Marines.

Marine Maj. Garrett W. Hager relinquished command of Headquarters and Service Company, companies A, B, and C to Marine Maj. Daniel R. Gable who will serve as the Headquarters and Service Company and Company A commander; Marine Maj. Justine Wise will serve as the Company B commander, and Hager will serve as Company C commander.

"Before today, there has been only one command structure made of a first sergeant and a company commander (who) cared for four separate companies (A, B, C, and Headquarters), with over 2,000 Marines," explained Col. Keith Couch, the commander of Headquarters and Service Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps. "Today marks the end of that. Today we get to not only stand up two companies, but we welcome two additional members to the team."

The guidon indicates the company's designation within the battalion that dates back to ancient times when battles were fought in closely packed formations. The guidon was used to mark the line of battle. Today while a guidon has no tackle purpose, it serves as a symbol of the commander's responsibility, accountability, and authority. The passing of the guidon from the outgoing commander to the incoming commander signifies the passing of responsibility, accountability, and authority of the command.

"A special thank you, to Maj. Hager, for all the effort that you personally put into this project as well as the leadership you have provided to Headquarters Company but to Alpha, Bravo, Charlie in these last two years." Couch said.

During his remarks Couch added, "Maj. Gable, you have huge shoes to fill as company commander of Headquarters Company and A Company, but I know you are going to do a great job. You come here with a wealth of experience and background and I look forward to working with you and Justine as you take us to another level with regards to our command team and what we are going to be able to provide for the Marines, Sailors, and civilians (who) make up this wonderful battalion."