Throughout the month of August, the Fort Leonard Wood Antiterrorism Office is scheduled to have informational tables at multiple locations throughout the installation to distribute Antiterrorism Awareness Month material about iWATCH and iSALUTE Suspicious Activity Reporting, AT Active Shooter Community Response, AT Individual Protective Measures, and AT awareness cards.The cards include Force Protection Conditions BRAVO through DELTA, a list of the installation's top three threats, iWATCH information, the law enforcement desk and AT Office phone numbers.This week's focus area is recognizing and reporting suspicious activity. Recognizing and reporting suspicious activities ensures our personnel and assets are available and safe from terrorist attacks and ready to fight.Suspicious activity reporting can be conducted in two manners. The first way to report suspicious activity is by using iWATCH Army. The motto for iWATCH is "See Something, Say Something," or as we like to say "Do Something." By doing something, such as reporting, we might prevent serious injuries or death.As individuals, we have the power to stop any suspicious activity because we are the first line of defense. Always report any suspicious activity 24 hours a day to the Fort Leonard Wood Directorate of Emergency Services' law enforcement desk, by calling 573.596.6141Signs of terrorismThe following are signs of terrorism to watch out for:-- Surveillance: Recording or monitoring activities, taking pictures, making videos or drawings-- Elicitation: Attempts to gain information about operations, staffing and security-- Tests of security: Attempts to measure the reaction times of security forces or first responders-- Acquiring supplies: Obtaining explosives, weapons, uniforms, badges, credentials, etc.-- Suspicious (or out of place) persons: They may include people who are in places they should not be, as well as people who do not fit into the daily routine of the community-- Dry or trial runs: Putting people into position and moving them around without actually committing a terrorist act-- Deploying assets: Placing people and supplies in position to commit a terrorist act-- Funding: Suspicious transactions involving large amounts of cash, and criminal activityPotential indicatorsThe following are potential indicators of suspicious activity to watch for:-- Vehicles displaying inappropriate or lacking proper identification tags (missing license plates) or markings that don't match vehicle purpose/type (ambulance or delivery truck)-- Loss or theft of items associated with the military or associated facilities (badges, uniforms, credentials, vehicles, technology or documents)-- Unusual odors, and/or hazardous or potentially hazardous materials, such as chemical, biological, or explosive materials, left at or near the office or facility-- Unusual questions about a facility or building's purpose, operations, shift changes and security procedures; or, unusual inquiries regarding military members' less-than-lethal tactics, use of force and availability of body armor and weapons-- Individuals making threatening statements, verbal, written or messages expressing hate and/or discontent toward military activities or communicating a spoken or written threat to damage or compromise a facility/infrastructure-- Presenting false documents, identification and/or false or misusing insignia to misrepresent one's affiliation; individuals who present apparently valid military credentials but do not have a corresponding level of military knowledge; unable to display proper identification, or identification appears to be altered or fraudulent, including delivery personnel or contractorsInformation that suggests an individual received foreign military training or attended a military training camp overseas-- Individuals who inquire about enlistment but refuse to provide identification, name and contact information, or are unable/unwilling to answer open-ended questions; may also have visible body markings (tattoos, scars, burns, marks) or clothing that appears to be associated with a known criminal gang or extremist group.Remember, if you see something, say something -- do something. Report it immediately, even if it just doesn't look right.For the Fort Leonard Wood area, call 573.596.6141. Or, report it online at's note: Morrison is a contractor with Fort Leonard Wood's Antiterrorism Office.)