DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, Utah -- It is always a solemn and sentimental moment as Army leaders symbolize the change of responsibility by passing the unit colors as a symbol of the acceptance of new roles.New Command Sgt. Maj. Kyle R. Brinkman assumed responsibility as the Installation command sergeant major during a Change of Responsibility ceremony August 2 at U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, Utah.Outgoing Command Sgt. Maj. Joe Bonds has accepted a new assignment at Fort Campbell as sergeant major for the CBRNE Section of the 101st Airborne Division. The division is an elite specialized light infantry unit trained for air assault operations."I have not been looking forward to this ceremony because we lose Joe Bonds as our command sergeant major," confessed Col. Brant Hoskins, Dugway's commander. "But I know his family is looking forward to having him close by and the Soldiers will definitely benefit from his presence."Hoskins also praised Bonds for his ability as a team builder and an extremely effective communicator noting his exceptional work in the additional roles as a leader for the Garrison mission and in support of Soldiers and their Families, posted to the Dugway Health Clinic."He could have probably gotten by with focusing on the mission side but that is just not Command Sgt. Maj. Bonds. He has used his skills to build partnerships with leaders at the international, national and local levels and advocating for our mission, quality of life and everyone on the installation," Hoskins said.He also noted Bonds' soft spot for Dugway's children."Whether it was the reading program, lunch with the kids or attending their dance and sporting events, he was there, and he was loud." Hoskins said. of his commitment to the community.Reflecting on his time at Dugway, Bonds spoke of the honor of serving during the test center's 75th Birthday year."I am so proud to have served here and add my small contribution to the rich history that has spanned 76 years of supporting the warfighter," he said. "But as I depart, let the record reflect, I have done nothing alone. But I have done many things with many people. Thank you allowing me to serve with you." Introducing the new Command Sgt. Maj. Hoskins to the community, Hoskins explained the exceptional skill set Brinkman brings to the chemical and biological test capabilities of the test center."Command Sgt. Maj. Brinkman comes to us from the Republic of Korea where he has been involved in preparing our forces against the very real danger of weapons of mass destruction on the peninsula," he said. He assured Brinkman of his continued support."Welcome to the team, you have my full faith and confidence. In the months ahead we will continue to train the national mission force in our craft of chemical and biological defense testing."Brinkman thanked everyone for their tremendous support and pledged to continue the legacy of the test center and a few final words to Bonds. "I could not have imagined a better brother to follow here," Brinkman said during the ceremony. "You carved out an amazing legacy and inheritance with the community. It's an honor to be here and I look forward to serving at Dugway."