FORT STEWART, Ga. -- Military working dog handlers with 93rd Military Working Dog (MWD) Detachment, 385th Military Police Battalion, conducted police dog training at Fort Stewart's George P. Hays Library Aug. 3, 2018.The training prepares military working dogs to operate in different environments and scenarios, said Spc. Christopher Diak, an MWD Handler with 93rd MWD Det.There are two types of K9 training the MWDs go through -- patrol and enhanced detection.MWDs are trained to exercise obedience and controlled aggression when patrolling and detect weapons of mass destruction, improvise explosive devices, and narcotics when searching."My dog Alan and I have been working together for the last year and a half," said Diak. "Today Alan will work on basic obedience and controlled aggression. Then he will search the library.""The MWDs go through four hours of patrol dog skills and four hours of enhanced detection training every week," said Pfc. Jerrold Wilkins, a dog handler with 93rd MWD Det.Wilkins said the controlled aggression training helps MWDs to chase running suspects and remain aware that the handler is there and still in charge.Wilkins said, "When you work with a dog it is just like being a noncommissioned officer. Regardless of your rank, you're responsible for someone's life. If my dog is messed up, I'm messed up."