August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month and the U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Antiterrorism Office will provide education and awareness to increase vigilance with information booths and displays set up Aug. 10 at the KMCC Food Court, 10 a.m. -- 2 p.m., in partnership with Air Force security experts.

"Everyone in our community, by virtue of who we are, what we do, and where we are, may be seen as a target by some bad people out there," said Deputy to the Garrison Commander, Dr. Kevin Griess, during an Aug. 1 AFN radio show, citing recent, widely reported incidents show that terrorists have the ability to plan and execute attacks in Europe.

In addition to maintaining situational awareness by "always having your head on a swivel," Dr. Griess said community members can help keep themselves and others safe by downloading the iReport app on their smartphones.

"So if you see a suspicious act, you can send a message immediately which will go to our local law enforcement and anti-terrorism personnel," he said. "Or you can dial 112 to connect to emergency services, 110 for the MP desk or 0631-536-6060 for the Joint U.S. Forces police desk. The bottom line is if you see something, say something."

To download the "iReport" app, go to the Garrison website at and click the link at the bottom of the page for iSalute & iWatch to make reports.

"Also, if you haven't already done so, enroll in AtHoc," added USAG RP Commander, Col. Jason T. Edwards, on the AFN broadcast. "Click on the AtHoc link on the left side of our garrison website to register to receive emergency notifications. Enrolling will help you stay safe, informed and aware."

The AtHoc mass-warning notification system sends registered users emergency warnings and other critical information, such as hazardous road conditions, reporting delays, and base closures due to severe weather. The notifications are mostly local, but may also be theater-wide.

The system notifies users in several ways: as a pop-up on their workstation computer, an email to work and home addresses, a text message to their cell phone, and a voicemail to their work, home and cell phones. There is also a smartphone AtHoc application.

Army emergency management offices are making it easier for service members, civilian and contractor employees, and family members across Europe to receive emergency warnings and notifications through its AtHoc mass-warning notification system.

Employees may be familiar with the system already, having been prompted to register for alerts while on their government work station. Common Access Card (CAC) holders are able to register from their government computer systems, and then follow onscreen instructions to register work and personal phone numbers and email addresses to receive emergency notifications.

AtHoc relies on the information provided during the online registration process. Keeping AtHoc updated with accurate and current contact information is critical for the success of the program, and is a responsibility of each individual registrant.

Currently, only CAC holders can register in AtHoc. However, USAG RP has set up the system so that the sponsor can go in and create a second, linked profile and enter specific text messaging, email or phone contact information for a family member. This will allow their family members to receive separate mass notifications directly without affecting the notifications that are sent to the sponsor.

To do this sponsors must first complete the self-registration process outlined above.
After registering from computers on the Army's EUR domain, sponsors can right-click on the purple globe and select "Access My Dependent's Self Service." After validating with their CAC email certificate, they will be able to enter a complete set of contact information for their chosen family member in the same manner they did for their own self-registration.

Users NOT on the Army's EUR domain, can self register by using this Web address:

After self registering, they can register their family member profile by using this Web address:

Although being vigilant to terrorist threats and registering in AtHoc receive added emphasis during August's Antiterrorism Awareness Month observance, it's always a good idea to stay informed and practice individual safety measures throughout the year.