FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. -- The departure of a respected leader can be a difficult event for the Soldiers and Army Civilians of any organization; however, the Army is a close-knit Family, never truly saying goodbye to those who leave and always welcoming new members into the Family.Lt. Col. Justin Considine, the outgoing commander of the 781st Military Intelligence Battalion (Cyber), the Vanguards, relinquished his authority to Lt. Col. Nadine Nally in a change of command ceremony hosted by Col. Brian Vile, commander of the 780th MI Brigade on the McGlachlin Parade Field, Aug. 1.In his remarks to the distinguished guests, Vanguard Soldiers and Civilians, their friends and Family, Vile stated the battalion has proven itself to be "America's pioneers in cyberspace", and the organization has earned its "well-deserved reputation for competence and excellence".Vile then highlighted the unit's achievements in the two years Considine has commanded the 'Vanguard' battalion.During his tenure all nine (cyber) teams achieved full operational capability and are actively engaged in cyberspace; the unit successfully integrated cyber support to tactical forces during four rotations at the National Training Center; the Cyber Solutions Development detachment is regularly producing new capabilities; the expeditionary company is ready to deploy to areas of hostility on short notice to integrate cyber effects into tactical operations; the Mission Support Platoon is providing Open Source Intelligence reporting to National Mission Teams; the battalion has a new headquarters located in a world-class facility; the unit has successfully completed a pilot to demonstrate the power of unity of command; and the organization is hosting and teaching their own (cyber) mission commander course."Despite those accomplishments, your support to the Cyber National Mission Force was the hallmark of your command," said Vile. "You fully dedicated yourself to supporting the commanders' requirements, regardless of how challenging or difficult the task was to accomplish. You managed your Soldiers, the mission, and sustainment requirements flawlessly."In his following comments, Considine deflected the credit for his battalion's significant achievements toward his Soldiers and Army Civilians."All of these accomplishments would not have been possible if it had not been for the service and sacrifice of the Soldiers and Civilians of the 781st MI Battalion and its many partners," said Considine. "The quiet professionals that give the Vanguard its identity as a team of trail-blazers that are always testing the boundaries of what can be achieved in and through the cyberspace domain. Simply put, it is the men and women of the Vanguard that I am most proud of, reminding me every day that people will always be our most decisive advantage in any domain."Considine's departing message to his Soldiers and Civilians has been the philosophy he has embodied throughout his time in command -- "Individual success is achieved through enabling the success of others. The success of the team should always come first. That is why the Army and our mission is so special -- we do not fight for ourselves, but for a larger purpose.""My advice to the Soldiers and Civilians of the Vanguard, therefore, is to always remember that what makes us special is our commitment to defending the Constitution of the United States; to find patience and perspective in the fact that our current challenges and frustrations are temporary because we are a new force that is always evolving and improving; that identifying the problem is only the first step; that anything enduring and worthwhile takes time to build; and that helping to solve the problems we identify is what the Nation is asking of us and we cannot afford to let them down."Considine, and his family are not going far. His next assignment is attending the National War College of the United States on Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C.Lt. Col. Nally is not new to the Cyber Branch or the brigade. She was the team lead for 01 National Cyber Protection Team within the Cyber National Mission Force. Prior to this position, she served as the Military Assistant/Cyber Advisor to the Under Secretary of the Army; Chief of Staff to the Director of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense; and a Strategic Planner for the Cyberspace Policy Division within the Joint Staff J5. Previously, she served as the operations officer of the 782nd MI Battalion (Cyber), a start-up unit she helped form from 20 to more than 450 personnel conducting full-spectrum cyberspace operations in support of joint force commanders."Your challenge lays before you, but I have no doubts that you are up to the task," said Vile. "Your reputation precedes you, and you will continue to build this battalion to ever higher heights."