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By 94th AAMDCAugust 1, 2018

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Welcome to Hawaii and the Home of the "Sea Dragons"!

Congratulations on your assignment to 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC), Fort Shafter, Hawaii! I look forward to your arrival and I am sure your tour with us will be challenging and professionally rewarding.

The 94th AAMDC is a part of the United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) Area of Operations (AO), and our responsibilities range across the Pacific Basin from Alaska to Japan and Korea, and toward the east coast of Africa. The Pacific Rim continues to grow in importance on both an international and national level. We are sure you will enjoy your assignment in this complex and dynamic region.

We are fortunate to be located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The 50th state is blessed with a pleasant tropical climate, magnificent scenery, and a sociable and ethnically diverse society. Our work environment will provide you with the opportunity to fulfill your professional and personal goals.

On Order, the 94th AAMDC provides joint and combined theater air and missile defense to meet OPLAN requirements and support the rebalance to the Asia-Pacific AOR.

The 94th AAMDC O'hana (family) looks forward to your arrival, and we wish you a safe and comfortable trip!


94th AAMDC orderly room call 808-438-3155

The following information and links are provided for personnel and their family members assigned to the 94th AAMDC. We hope this information will be helpful when making your permanent change of station (PCS) move to Hawaii.

If you are a uniformed service member, your new unit will assign a sponsor for you and your family.

Temporary Lodging

In order to be eligible for full Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) for military all Army personnel on PCS orders must first attempt to obtain lodging at Tripler or Schofield Barracks.

Certificates of Non-availability (CNA) are available at the USO counter at Honolulu International Airport. The Hale Koa, a military hotel in downtown Waikiki, is available under TLA lodging, but a CNA from Schofield must be obtained first.

Household Goods

The Joint Personal Property Shipping Office, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JPPSO-Hawaii) handles all processing for temporary storage and/or delivery of your personal property once it arrives on island. The JPPSO is a jointly staffed DoD activity assigned to HQ Air Force. You can call the JPPSO at (808) 473-7760.

Auto Registration

Bringing your car to Hawaii? You need to take a number of steps. Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) will be shipped to Sand Island, Honolulu, located close to the Honolulu International Airport. The Vehicle Processing Center can provide information on the shipping status of your vehicle. The Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) handles all privately owned vehicle (POV) shipments. The Phone number for inbound POV is (808) 848-8383.

All automobiles used on the highway must be registered with the state within ten days of arrival. You may keep your original plates, but you must register to get a Hawaii vehicle sticker for approximately $25.00. Proof of ownership or a certificate of registration; shipping documents, Hawaii no fault insurance and proof of a safety inspection is required.

Safety Inspection

Hawaii requires annual safety inspections. For inspection, bring a valid identification card and a Non-resident Certificate Form to one of the state's authorized inspection stations.

Driver's License

Hawaii recognizes other state driver's licenses. When your license expires, if you wish to apply for a Hawaii driver's license, you must present your Social Security Card, and a current out-of-state license.

Hawaii School Registration

Children registering in Hawaii for the first time need:

1. Birth Certificate

2. Report card and/or records from their previous school

3. Medical records, including: Examination by a licensed physician within 12 months of date entering school, Current and up-to-date immunization records, Tuberculosis clearance test within 12 months of date entering school.

4. Students entering 7th grade need the chicken pox immunization.

Personal Documents

Make sure your important personal documents are not packed with your belongings. Carry them with you in your carry-on baggage.

Pets (Animal Quarantine)

If you plan to bring pets to Hawaii, begin planning as soon as possible to minimize the time your pet may be required to be quarantined. Hawaii is a rabies free state. For entrance into the state, Hawaii requires a microchip, a valid rabies vaccine and a rabies antibody test (FAVN). Once the lab has received the FAVN there is a 120 day waiting period to enter the state without being placed in quarantine. Hawaii's quarantine law is designed to protect residents and pets from potentially serious health problems associated with the introduction and spread of rabies. All dogs and cats, regardless of age (puppies and kittens included) or purpose, must comply with Hawaii's dog and cat import requirements. Please check the state restrictions regarding other species of pets at the bottom of this website.

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