HOHENFELS, Germany -- U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Teresa A. Domeier, Army National Guard Bureau, took her maiden voyage abroad serving in her new role as the 8th Command Chief Warrant Officer of the Army National Guard, to visit Soldiers who are currently deployed to Germany at the Hohenfels, and the Grafenwoehr training areas, July 31 -- Aug. 1, 2018.

"This is what I live for," said Domeier. "To spend time visiting National Guard Soldiers performing their missions. In this case, I've hit the trifecta, in a sense, because the Nebraska, North Dakota and Iowa Army National Guard are all here both training and performing a real-world mission."

Soldiers with 1st Battalion, 376th Aviation Regiment, Nebraska Army National Guard; 1st Bn., 112th Aviation Reg., North Dakota Army National Guard; and Detachment 1, Alpha Company, 1st Bn., 376th Aviation Reg., Iowa Army National Guard; are currently fulfilling U.S. Army Europe's medical evacuation mission, Task Force Resolute Lakota, at both HTA and GTA.

Domeier serves as the senior warrant officer adviser to the director, Army National Guard, on all matters pertaining to policies, programs and actions impacting the warrant officer cohort across 54 states, territories, and the District of Columbia, to include professional development, promotions, assignments, incentives, morale, discipline, performance, and strength and recruiting programs, according to her military biography.

U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jeff Caniglia, executive officer with 1-376 Aviation Bn., is working closely with Domeier in hopes of making Task Force Resolute Lakota a full nine-month rotation rather than its current four-month status.

"I am personally honored and proud to host the National Guard Bureau command chief warrant officer here at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center," said Caniglia. "I am so happy to showcase Task Force Resolute Lakota's hard work and training with our multi-component partners and our multinational partners. This mission has been spearheaded by the Nebraska Army National Guard, but would not be successful without National Guard Bureau's support, along with the Iowa and North Dakota Army National Guard."

Though it may be a coincidence, the month of July was the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Army warrant officer cohort. Since a great deal of Army pilots are warrant officers, it only seems fitting that Domeier would spend time visiting these aviation units.

Prior to Domeier's current appointment that began June 30th, she served as the command chief warrant officer of the Nebraska Army National Guard.

Domeier was able to spend time with the entire task force from North Dakota and Nebraska during her two-day visit to Hohenfels and Grafenwoehr. She was also able to promote Chief Warrant Officer 3 Courtney Miller, and visit and mentor the seven warrant officers from North Dakota and eight warrant officers from Nebraska.

Warrant officers serve as pilots, technical experts, combat leaders, trainers, and advisers who serve in 17 different branches spanning across the active component, the Army National Guard, and the U.S. Army Reserve, according to GoArmy.com.

"We are able to highlight the critical role the National Guard Lakota's can and have played facilitating support of our multi-national partners," added Caniglia. "I am sure Chief Warrant Officer 5 Domeier will carry that message of mission success back to the National Guard Bureau and strengthen the commitment to work on continuous support in the future."

Domeier was impressed during her first trip to Germany, pointing out how well all the Army components work so well together.

"The Joint Multinational Readiness Center is obviously about working with our multinational partners," added Domeier. "However, from our perspective it's also about working with our multi-component partners. Whether it's the active component, the National Guard, or the Reserve, we are all on the same team, and that's clearly evident here."