San Juan, PR- Approximately 100 family members and Soldiers of the 273rd Transportation Detachment and the 266th Ordnance Company, 1st Mission Support Command, U.S. Army Reserve-Puerto Rico, participated in a Yellow Ribbon event, July 28-30, 2018 in Condado, Puerto Rico, as part of the command's effort to sustain family readiness, in preparation for upcoming mobilizations.Sgt. Jose Juan Colón, a Transportation Management Coordinator from the 273rd transportation Detachment, was one of the participants."This is the first time that we as a family participate in a Yellow Ribbon event. It is a very organized event that is giving my family great information," said Colón, who was accompanied by his 4 months pregnant wife Melody Rivera and her parents, Lily Rivera and José Rivera."It is great that the Army Reserve is giving us this opportunity of being part of the mobilization process. It is somehow difficult, because we are expecting a baby, but with the information and resources we are receiving, we are able to be at ease," said Melody Rivera.For José Rivera, the Yellow Ribbon allows them to get closer as a family."What I love about the Yellow Ribbon is that helps us to work as one team, in support of the Soldier," said the Soldier's father-in-law.Private 1st Class Enrique Rosado and his family also participated in the event."I am excited as the mobilization date gets closer. One of the reasons I joined the Army Reserve was to have new experiences," said Rosado, who is an Ammunition Specialist in the 266th Ordnance Company."I am extremely grateful because, as a family member one has many questions about the mobilization process. Being part of the Yellow Ribbon provides us a better understanding of what Soldiers go through," said a proud Jessica Montero, the Soldier's mother."I want to continue learning and I am looking forward to serve a as volunteer in the family programs," added Montero.During the Yellow Ribbon event, members of the command's staff and other organizations briefed the Soldiers and families about how to keep the communication while deployed, details about education and healthcare benefits, among other presentations.Both units are scheduled to mobilize in the upcoming months, as part the continuous support to the needs of the nation, provided by the Army Reserve-Puerto Rico, as the largest federal U.S. Army command in the Caribbean region.Yellow Ribbon events are held when Soldiers are mobilizing, allowing the families to prepare for the time they will be separated and to provide many resources to help with before, during, and after the mission.For more information on the program, go to, or to register for an event, go to