VICENZA, Italy - Share your story and help the Army Substance Abuse Program build a stronger, more resilient military community.

Most people have faced or will face adversities and general life stressors at some point; knowing we are not alone in our experiences can help us cope with these challenges more easily.

Do you have a story of perseverance to share? Perhaps a financial hardship, difficulty transitioning after a move, loss of a child or family member, depression, substance abuse or dependency, suicidal thoughts, trauma or other life hardships? We'd like to hear your story.

Being part of a military community comes with unique privileges and challenges that are sometimes best understood through those who can personally relate. Sharing your story can help others navigate and overcome their own challenges - leading to a healthier, happier community.

Any community member who'd like to share their story is asked to contact Sandra Class, ASAP program manager, at DSN 637-7245, or email