BAUMHOLDER, Germany--Nearly 60 of 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command's newest noncommissioned officers crossed the "Time-Honored Line," stepping through an arch signifying their entry into the NCO Corps during a formal induction ceremony on Smith Barracks, Germany July 27.For these European Defenders, induction into the corps is a milestone of every noncommissioned officers' career. The ceremony, steeped in history and tradition, showcases the pride and expectations that come with wearing the stripes.In her remarks, guest speaker Command Sgt. Maj. Carla M. Hill, 39th Transportation Battalion command sergeant major, stressed to the inductees being a leader is a huge responsibility and the inductees are now responsibility for the health, welfare, accomplishments and failures of every single soldier they encounter, regardless of whose formation the soldiers fall in."Your actions, the way you lead, carry yourself and act will impact every single one of your soldier's lives," she said. "Being a noncommissioned officer will be the most challenging, but rewarding jobs of your career. Every single one of you got here because some noncommissioned officer took the time to mentor and steer you in the right direction."As part of tradition, senior NCOs lit three candles during the ceremony--red for valor of the NCO and the blood that has been shed in defense of the nation; white for purity, honesty and integrity of the NCO and blue for the field of honor.The ceremony concluded with the 10th AAMDC Command Sgt. Maj. Gary Plotnick issuing the Charge of the NCO to the newly promoted inductees.The inductees are:Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command: Sgt. Mikiel Barreras, Sgt. Margarita Corral-Nieto, Sgt. Brian Graef Sgt. Kendall Marston and Sgt. Carl Schafer.Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 678th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: Sgt. Justin CurryHeadquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th Battalion 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment: Sgt. Cody Birr, Sgt. Sean Bright, Sgt. Tyler Davis, Sgt. Alonso Delgado, Sgt. Kimberly Elmore, Sgt. Ceidee Gulczynski, Sgt. Zaqwuan Hicks, Sgt. Richard Madrazo, Sgt. Richard Miller, Sgt. Sarah Nein, Sgt. Billy Register, Sgt. Alexander Rose, Sgt. Redro Rodriguez, Sgt. Anthony Tate, Sgt. Augustine Vaca, Sgt. Bria Vitale, Sgt. Johnathon Walker and Sgt. Ryan Willis. A Battery, 5-7 ADA: Sgt. Joshua Broadie, Sgt. Matthew Eckberg, Sgt. Jarad Eckley, Sgt. Daniel Hinen, Sgt. Mark Lapham, Sgt. Ian Ledesma, Sgt. Nathon Pankey, Sgt. Cory Rivera, and Sgt. Nicholas Sandoval.B Battery, 5-7 ADA: Sgt. Dallas Brown, Sgt. Leon Kennedy, Sgt. Jonathan Schreck, Sgt. Vannessa Tyson and Sgt. Alex Voisin. C Battery, 5-7 ADA: Sgt. Alexander Cotiuc, Sgt. Shelbi Kerns and Sgt. James Leggett.D Battery, 5-7 ADA: Sgt. Augustand Delaire, Sgt. Alan Gonzalez, Sgt. Sonia Guigno, Sgt. Ene Kapisi, Sgt. Joshua Kerns, Sgt. Carl Miller, Sgt. Aaron Prichard, Sgt. Catherine Rivera, Sgt. Joseph Rivera and Sgt. Jacob Woodbeck. E Battery, 5-7 ADA: Sgt. Anthony McCloud, Sgt. Christopher Shackelton and Sgt. Donovan Williams.