CASEY GARRISON - Perfect is the only word to describe how Miha Lee performed on April 16 in Casey Lanes because she bowled a perfect 300. Lee was the second in Warrior Country history to bowl a 300 game behind Gerald Keener, Casey Lanes manager, and the first female to ever bowl 300.

Lee started bowling seven years ago with the help of her boyfriend at the time, whom she married later on, teaching her how to bowl.

Lee continued to work on her skills; bowling with friends during the weekend and in leagues off post. When the league started, Injoung Maness, a league member, began escorting her good friend, Lee, on post to play every Thursday evening.

"Bowling a 300 is something really special," Kenner said. "There are some fantastic bowlers out there, professional bowlers, and people who have been bowling for many years, yet some of them have never bowled a 300 game."

Sgt. Ho Beom Moon, Headquarters and Headquarters Company USAG-RC, explained how hard it is to bowl a perfect game.

"Lucky," said Moon, one of the top five bowlers in the Thursday league at USAG-RC, "it takes a lot of luck and hard work to bowl a perfect game. I always see bowlers never change their habits and stay with the same routine because so many bowlers are superstitious thinking if they change their routine they might not ever get 300."

April 16 might have had all of the ingredients Lee needed to assist her in bowling a 300. That Thursday was the last day of the league, and Lee, standing at the top of the league for the females with her outstanding average, just wanted to end on a high note.

"I did not feel lucky at all," Lee said. "I just felt more relaxed than usual because it was the last night of league bowling."

"It was a sight to see," Keener said. "Everyone rallied around her and even stopped bowling just to see her get the 300 because everyone could see it was going to happen around the seventh frame. Every ball was a perfect strike each time, there was no doubt in my mind she was going to bowl a 300, and it couldn't have happened to a better person, Lee deserved it."

"I was so excited when the game was over," Lee said. "I could not believe what happened."

Lee was awarded with a ball, a watch, and a $50 certificate from the bowling center.