Diane Ray, Senior Project Manager for New England District's Regulatory Division has been named the USACE Don Lawyer Regulator of the Year for 2018.

With over 40 years of experience in the Regulatory Program, Ray led the interagency team that developed an Endangers Species Act Programmatic Consultation (PC), which was adopted, by both the North Atlantic Division and National Marine Fisheries Service. The PC greatly enhanced permit processing efficiency throughout the Division.

According to Thomas P. Smith, P.E., SES, Chief, Operations and Regulatory Division and LRD/NAD Regional Integration Team Leader Directorate of Civil Works US Army Corps of Engineers, the PC reduced informal consultation processing times by 90-percent. "Ms. Ray also provided training and support to other NAD district in implementing the PC, which helped significantly reduce their consultation backlogs," he said.

Ray is well known and highly regarded in the Regulatory community for her ability to work cooperatively with state and federal agencies while helping applicants through all review requirements as efficiently as possible, according to Smith. "Ms. Ray is an ideal project manager and we are grateful to have her as part of the Regulatory team," he said.

The Corps of Engineers established the Don Lawyer Award in 1984 to honor an outstanding non-supervisory regulator who exemplifies superior public service with a commitment to upholding the Corps' Regulatory Mission of protecting aquatic resources while allowing for reasonable development. Each year, HQ receives a single nomination from each Division. The nominees are always exceptional, reflecting the very best of the Regulatory program.

Ray will receive the award at the awards ceremony during the fourth Quarter Executive Government Meeting in August.