Teachers are preparing for the upcoming school year and student safety is always a concern. Munson Army Health Center conducted basic life support training July 17 for teachers and administrators at Fort Leavenworth's Unified School District 207 board office.
Dr. Diana Greer, director of special education for USD 207, contacted MAHC to ask about basic life support training.
"We reached out to Munson for this training so we could take an extra step to keep our students and families safe going into the schoolyear," Greer said.
Basic life support requires knowledge and skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation using automated external defibrillators and relieving airway obstructions in people of every age.
"It is very important to supply the necessary tools to the special education teachers so they are able to act and start lifesaving procedures," said Spc. James Wagner, Radiologic Technologist at MAHC. "BLS gives the students the best possible chance for survival in case anything arises."
MAHC can provide BLS training to any Department of Defense employee on Fort Leavenworth.
"We teach monthly fundamentals of basic life support to individuals that are eligible or we can go out into our community for organizations that directly support Fort Leavenworth that request the class," Wagner said.
"This service is invaluable to our teachers for our students, and we are grateful to Munson for this training and appreciate the Army supporting our teachers," Greer said.
For more information or to sign up for basic life support classes, contact Munson Army Health Center Operations Division at 684-6350.