SOUTHWEST ASIA - Soldiers from the "Mayhem" Mortar Platoon, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 3rd Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment "Brave Rifles", instructed mortar training June 26-27 with noncommissioned officers and junior enlisted soldiers from three different brigades in the 8th Iraqi Army.Brave Rifles troopers are deployed to Iraq in support of Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve, working by, with and through the Iraqi Security Forces and coalition partners to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.3rd Squadron "Thunder" troopers work alongside elements of the 8th IA and routinely share best practices to enhance their partners' efforts in combating ISIS.The mortar training covered everything from familiarization of the mortar system to methods of emplacement; skills used by the Iraqi Security Forces to defend their border from remnants of ISIS looking to cross into Iraq."Working with mortarmen with this quality of character and dedication to their country is the main motivation for my service," said 1st Lt. Norman Holcomb, the Mayhem platoon leader.The 8th IA Soldiers will take the training they received to improve their border security on the Iraq/Syrian border and they will also share their new knowledge with the rest of their formations throughout their brigades.One of the Iraqi officers from the 8th IA expressed his excitement for the training when he thanked the mortar platoon leadership for their efforts."This training will greatly improve the readiness of the 8th IA Soldiers throughout their formations and help to strengthen the border security," said the Iraqi officer.All of the participants received certificates of completion after they displayed their competency in the skills they were taught.Sgt. Robert Stewart, platoon fire direction cell chief, was the primary instructor and led the training throughout the two days of classes."Working with the 8th IA Commandos has been a great experience and I cannot wait to continue to train and coach these mortarmen in the future," said Stewart.The Iraqi soldiers that received his instruction invited the mortar platoon back to give more instruction for the rest of the 8th IA soldiers.