WASHINGTON -- The following Army organizations and civilians - six affiliated with Army Materiel Command -- received Department of Defense Value Engineering Awards for projects completed in fiscal year 2017.

• Project - Project Manager, Combat Ammunition Systems: M1122 Load, Assemble and Pack production inefficiencies were redesigned and implemented to improve quality, increase productivity and led to $66.7 million in savings over a four-year period.

• Individual - Chester Marc Dalangin, Product Director, Precision Weapon Optics, Fire Control and Accessories, Product Manager Crew Served Weapons, Program Executive Office for Soldier: Redesigned the M151 Spotting Scope upgrade to make it compatible with current weapons, resulting in a $4.6 million cost savings.

• Team - Watervliet Arsenal: Addressed rifling broach longevity and performance to increase tool life and performance.

• Organization - Aviation and Missile Command: Completed 98 Value Engineering projects with $216 million in savings over a three-year period, including a Fixed Wing Engine Overhaul for a savings of $45 million, a new laptop for the Tactical Airspace Integration System for a savings of $6 million, upgrading fo the ARC0231 Radio Keep Alive Battery for a savings of $5 million, upgrading of the Multiple Launch Rocket System Igniter for a savings of $2 million and upgrading the Patriot PAC3 software for a savings of $7 million.

• Special - Apache Production and Fielding Value Engineering Team, Apache Project Manager's Office: Completion of two Value Engineering initiatives to re-use the doors on the Apache production line and to repair the tail rotor blades to recover a high number of blades.

• Special - Project Manager, Armored Fighting Vehicles: Bradley Fighting Vehicle team implemented the use of Electronic Technical Manuals, resulting in a savings of $19 million and improving the amount of time needed to develop manuals.

• Special - John Hedderich, Director, Armament, Research, Development and Engineering Center: Improved productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and procuring products for a savings of $67 million.