WHEREAS, the Army Warrant Officer Cohort are a select and highly specialized group in the United States Army and comprise less than 3 percent of the United States Army; andWHEREAS, on July 9, 1918, the U.S. Army Mine Planter Service in the Coast Artillery Corps was established by Congress, and a total of 40 Warrant Officers were authorized to serve as masters, mates, chief engineers and assistant engineers on each mine planting vessel, making them the first U.S. Army Warrant Officers; andWHEREAS, Army Warrant Officers are the technical foundation of the U.S. Army, vital to the integration of emerging technologies and the operation, maintenance and management of the Army's advanced systems, aircraft and weapon platforms; andWHEREAS, Army Warrant Officers are highly skilled technical experts, combat leaders, trainers, advisors and, above all else, trusted professionals, who serve as the link between commissioned offers and enlisted soldiers; andWHEREAS, Army Warrant Officers serve as both warfighters and teachers, helping to develop specialized teams of soldiers who are depended upon to provide concise and expert solutions to complex and dynamic situations; andWHEREAS, the people of the Aloha State and this nation can count on Army Warrant Officers to always stand ready to support commanders, staff and soldiers with domestic and global operations;THEREFORE I, DAVID Y. IGE, Governor, and I, DOUGLAS S. CHIN, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Hawai'i, do hereby proclaim July 2018 as"U.S. ARMY WARRANT OFFICER MONTH"in Hawai'i and ask the people of the Aloha State to join us in recognizing the importance of U.S. Army Warrant Officers who have been safeguarding our freedoms since their creation during WWI, and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Cohort.DONE at the State Capitol, in Executive Chambers, Honolulu, State of Hawai'i, this fourteenth day of June 2018.