ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The depot was recently awarded the U.S. Army's Industrial Operations Safety Award for fiscal year 2017.

This award is presented to the organization with the most effective overall industrial operations safety program and demonstrates the highest level of dedication to safety.

ANAD last received the Army's Industrial Operations Safety Award, depot level, in fiscal year 2009.

Drew Ramsey, chief of the depot's Safety Office said the award is a reflection of the increased safety awareness employees throughout the depot have shown.

"This award reflects a culture change we are seeing throughout Anniston Army Depot," said Ramsey. "Employees have begun to truly take ownership of the safety program and consistently look for ways to improve the operations in their areas with a focus on engineering safety into every process and procedure. I'm proud of all our workforce has accomplished."

The coveted award focused on several areas, including:

• The depot's Target Zero program and its components, which have been responsible for changing the depot's safety culture. First launched in fiscal year 2013, Target Zero is principally comprised of an inspection team with members from Safety, Industrial Hygiene, the Directorate of Risk Management, the Directorate of Emergency Services, the Directorate of Production Engineering and the Directorate of Public Works. The focus is a proactive, rather than reactive, safety approach.

• The Safety Intelex Automated Reporting System, better known as Intelex, which came to ANAD in FY17. Throughout the year, more than 100 supervisors were trained on the program, which allows ANAD to break down data to expose indicators and additional opportunities beyond the injury rates to include injury demographics, which can assist in identifying the most at-risk populations.

• The Occupational Safety and Health Association's Challenge, which has three stages guiding participants from the initial planning and development process through the implementation of an effective safety and health management program. ANAD currently expects to complete the OSHA Challenge in early FY19.

• The Safety Monitor Program was re-energized at ANAD in FY17 with more than 140 safety monitors placed throughout the installation. Additionally, the Directorate of Production has five full-time safety monitors to support each production value stream. These value stream safety monitors are embedded in the Industrial Safety Office and are involved directly with supervisors to support the OSHA Challenge initiative.

• The lockout/tagout program maintained an inventory of 5,289 procedures in FY17.

• Fall protection systems were added and upgraded throughout the ANAD industrial area in FY17. Today, there are 100 fall protection system upgrades in 15 buildings.

• The machine guard program, which has a team established comprised of members of the Safety Office and Directorate of Production Engineering evaluated 36 industrial buildings and more than 800 industrial machines in FY17 to determine which guard(s) were needed to satisfy OSHA requirements.