Redstone Arsenal, Ala. -- Personnel professionals from across Army Materiel Command gathered here June 26-28 to discuss management and challenges during a Human Capital Strategic Forum.

Army Materiel Command's Gen. Gus Perna told the 40 professionals who attended that taking care of people is critical as the command focuses on the chief of staff's priorities of readiness and modernization.

"Clearly, AMC plays a big role in both of those priorities," Perna said. "In that light, you, as personnel professionals, help me a great deal in meeting those objectives."

As the organization keeps pace with a changing environment, Perna noted the challenging tasks the human resources leaders are currently facing and praised their efforts.

"You are doing a lot of great things," he said. "You make a difference."
Army Materiel Command's Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Max Wyche said the organization, with its nine subordinate commands, is too large for a one-size-fits all approach. But the diversity of the organization, he said, brings forward innovative ideas and varied methodologies.
"We are doing great things across the organization. We can share these practices and not start from scratch," Wyche said. "Our bottom line within AMC is to have 100 percent of the people doing 100 percent of the right work."

Wyche said the key to achieving workforce goals stems from understanding the mission at all levels.

Army Assistant G-1 for Army Civilian Personnel Michael Reheuser provided an overview noting four major lines of effort, with improving time to hire a top priority. Supporting initiatives include streamlining processes, reaching out to the field to find out what is working and giving direct hiring authority for mission critical occupations.

The forum also included presentations from the Human Resource Career Program, AMC's analysis group, command counsel and from a NASA organizational development specialist, among others.

Charlie Westgate, deputy director of personnel and logistics for the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, said he enjoyed the forum.

"The best benefit is to share lessons learned and to have the opportunity to meet our counterparts - people we have been dealing with for years via phone and email," Westgate said. "It makes it more personal and helps us solve our problems."