FORWARD OPERATING BASE Q-WEST, Qayyarah, Iraq - In the small town Isfaya is a school overflowing with young students ready and willing to learn. Just a few weeks ago these students were crammed into classes with as many as 60 in one room. Now with the help of Civil Affairs Team 14 with B Co., 448th Civil Affairs Bn. they have three more newly renovated classrooms.

Team 14 also brought educational supply care packages for each student. Each package had pens, colors, notebooks and various other tools for them to use during their daily educational lives. These packages were brought to help signify the opening of the new areas of the school.

These new classrooms will assist the students and faculty greatly. They will now be able to have fewer students in each classroom, which will in turn allow teachers to get a closer look at each student and find how best to reach them so they will be able to learn more efficiently.

"This school was targeted because there were too many students and not enough classrooms," said Staff Sgt. Dennis Wiechmann, a member of Team 14, "the school plays the major educational role for children in this very rural area."

The school that has approximately 320 students will be able to divide the students into even smaller groups to aide their learning experience.

The two new restrooms, refrigerated drink station and water storage system that were also installed during the renovation will give the students and faculty a better quality of life and help improve their over all health as well.

This project employed 20 locals and it also included spackling and painting the entire school with the only exception being the headmaster's office at his request.

"I would like to thank the coalition forces for their assistance with our school and valuing the education of our children," said Yihya Mohammad Sultan, the headmaster of the school.