WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Army offers abundant opportunities for challenging and rewarding civilian employment in virtually all career fields and in all parts of the world.

Here, we talk with Courtney Dock, who works as a Civilian employee at the U.S. Army's Medical Command in San Antonio, Texas.

Q: What is your job with the U.S. Army? What are your job responsibilities?

A: I am a public affairs specialist. My job is to tell the Army's story to the American public. I manage social media accounts, respond to questions from the media about different Army policies, write stories and take photos and, all around, make sure the American people know and see what our Army does to support our great nation!

Q: Tell us about your role as an Army civilian public affairs specialist?

A: I've been working for the Army as a Civilian for seven years at four different commands with an increased responsibility in public affairs roles along the way. My job is awesome in that I get to be out there with the Soldiers and Civilians and see, first-hand, what everyone does and how everyone contributes to the overall Army mission. And then I get to tell everyone about it! I feel very fortunate to be in this career field!

Q: You served first as an active duty service member and then transitioned to being an Army Civilian. Why did you make this transition?

A: I served in the U.S. Navy working in public affairs and broadcast journalism. When I transitioned to the Army as a Civilian, nearly all of that active-duty training translated perfectly. Although, I did need an Army boot camp "primer" on the difference between a "battalion" and a "brigade" and needed to keep a rank chart handy! The Navy rank and command structure is so different.

Q: What attracted you about serving the Army as a U.S. civil service employee?

A: As a transitioning service member, I really wanted a stable job with solid benefits. When I took my first position as an Army Civilian employee, I realized just how fortunate I was. My chain of command, both Civilian and active-duty Soldiers, made me feel like I was a part of a team.

Q: What advice would you offer others who might be interested in a career as a Civilian employee?

A: I would highly recommend first taking a look at USA JOBS (www.usajobs.gov) and U.S. Army jobs at (www.goarmy.com/careers) to seek career fields you may qualify for. If you are a transitioning service member, you will find a competitive and challenging work environment similar to that which you experienced on active duty. Overall, I would highly recommend a career as an Army Civilian employee. The benefits are very rewarding and there are opportunities to move around the country and even overseas if you feel adventurous!