SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- With offices only hundreds of feet apart and residences on the same block, the commanders of the U.S. Army Health Clinic- Schofield Barracks (USAHC-SB) and the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (3rd IBCT) prepare to say 'mahalo' to Schofield Barracks and the U.S. Army Hawaii communities.

Mere days separate the change of command dates between Col. Deydre Teyhen, commander, USAHC-SB, and Col. Rob Ryan, commander, 3rd IBCT.

According to the two commanders, the readiness of the 3 rdIBCT 'Broncos' has improved with successful individual and collective training events including Lightning Forge, Joint Readiness Training Center, and numerous regional engagement exercises along the way.

Both commanders also acknowledged the role physical training and recovery played in improving readiness and performance.

"The partnership between the 3rd IBCT and USAHC-SB has really demonstrated how we can build physical supremacy, cognitive dominance and emotional resilience across a brigade by better leveraging medical resources," Teyhen said. "Col. Ryan's vison for building a Combat Readiness Training Facility (CRTF) has allowed for rehabilitation and reintegration after an injury to occur in the unit's footprint leveraging the best sports science evidence."

"The 3rd IBCT way of treating injured Soldiers would rival any college athletic program," Teyhen added. "Additionally, their focus on fueling for performance in the field improves outcomes while minimizing injuries and other safety concerns."

Through careful implementation, analysis and training, the USAHC-SB provided increased strength and conditioning resources, embedded behavioral health specialists, and a deliberate focus on the Performance Triad. These resources led to increase readiness across all of the brigade combat teams within the 25th Infantry Division and the 8th Theater Sustainment Command.

Ryan brought a renewed energy and focus to what it means to be a disciplined light infantryman and a tactical athlete. Providing the equipment and facilities for Soldier improvement was an early priority for Ryan, he said.

"We expect Soldiers to be fit, but we don't provide the venue for them to work through physical ailments while still increasing their physical fitness. Our CRTF is the critical component to our holistic health and fitness program as it provides the equipment, the resources, and the trained professionals to allow our leaders to leverage the best sports science for our Soldiers' recovery and sustained performance," Ryan said. "The CRTF has helped us build both physical and mental prowess which has enhanced our combat capability."

The strong relationships that have been built between the brigade combat teams and the USAHC-SB speak to the 'Aloha' and commitment to readiness within the U.S. Army Hawaii and the 25th Infantry Division. Both organizations will welcome new commanders in the coming days and continue to focus and prioritize readiness across their formations.

"As the Director of Health Services for Schofield Barracks we have focused on creating systems that promote health and wellness by a three-prong approach: 1. Installation and community support, 2. leader education and training, and 3. programs to assist Soldiers and their families (to) optimize health and medical readiness," Teyhen said.

The USAHC-SB supports Soldier readiness though world-class health care, cutting-edge science, technology and warfighter feedback.