From the start of 2018, the 555th Engineer Brigade's Construction Management Team began early preparations for its deployment to Yakima Training Center. Triple Nickel Soldiers synchronized efforts with National Guard units and key stakeholders at Yakima's Directorate of Public Works, Range Operations and Environmental Division for troop construction from June 12 to 27.

The 176th Engineer Company, from the Washington National Guard, and the 1249th Engineer Battalion, from Oregon Army National Guard, began the coordination process as well, laying the foundation for project missions; procuring the bill of material, environmental approvals, dig permits, scheduling, and more.

Major Gregory Canady, 555th Engineer Brigade Officer in charge of this operation, oversaw all three major construction missions during the Field Training Exercise. He conducted "Red Zone" meetings to ensure that all participating units were staying within their glide-paths or "timeline" and meeting project requirements.

"Overall, operations are going well" Canady said. "The CMT is managing more than 10 construction projects and units are not only training on their MOS but cross-training with other Specialty Engineers."

For the Construction Management Team, there are three major construction missions: River Road -- horizontal road repair in Training Area 4 to improve accessibility of the River Crossing Site on the Columbia River for Multirole Boat Companies to conduct training in the future; Range 25 Shoot House - a vertical engineer project repairing a two-story shoot house in a village to include replacing plywood sheeting, structural lumber, and hardening load carrying members of building against small arms fire to ensure the building remains safe to use; and DPW projects to repair/improve facilities in the cantonment area of YTC focused mainly on electrical and plumbing work.

"I really wanted to be a team player -- a team of teams -- and support others in their goals to train and build readiness for their unit," Canady said.

All supporting units have done just that as Triple Nickel continues to build relationships with YTC for future construction missions while delivering improved facilities that increases YTC's ability to support units and future training.