1. As we celebrate our nation's independence, Leaders, Soldiers, Family members and Civilians of the 8th Theater Sustainment Command will take a well-deserved holiday break to visit friends, travel, engage in recreational activities, or just relax at home. Whatever your plans may be, we ask that you make safety a planning priority. As the holiday approaches, we must also recognize the importance of maintaining our awareness of the hazards and risks that are associated with the holiday's increased outdoor activity.

2. As the extended holiday approaches, every effort must be made to make this national observance a safe and meaningful holiday for all. As with most celebrations, the holiday may involve travel and social gatherings. Soldiers, Family members and Civilians should plan for unforeseen hazards to reduce the risk of a mishap. As you prepare to celebrate, ensure you implement risk management control measures in all that you do. Ensure that your Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) is properly maintained and in safe operating conditions. Never drink and drive, utilize a designated driver, ensure that ail passengers buckle up for the ride and stay focused on the task at hand, DRIVING SAFELY. Play it Safe, and Drive to Arrive!

3. Commanders and supervisors must ensure that our Soldiers and Civilians are informed on the potential hazards during this holiday. Safety briefings should include discussion on the Battle Buddy System, safe alcohol consumption, safety driving tips, fatigue avoidance, and seat belt usage (among others). The 8th TSC team asks you to ensure you apply safety to everything you plan as you prepare to celebrate the July 4th holiday. Remember celebrate responsibly. Wear proper personal protective equipment for ALL your activities. Understand the hazards associated with the activities you plan and incorporate thoughtful risk management into your plans. Lastly, you can find thousands more K.I.S.S. Safety Tips covering Airports to Zip-Lines on the front page of 8th TSC NIPR portal or at https://army.deps.mii/Army/sites/8tsc/SpStaff/Safety/SitePages/K.I.S.STips.aspx.

4. Proponent for this memorandum is the 8th TSC Senior Safety Manager, Mr. Tim Ah Young-Shelton at DSN 315-438-4972 or timothy.r.ahyoung-shelton.civ@mail.mil.

5. Thank you all for your continued service to our great nation. As valuable members of this command, we need all of you to return to work safe and sound after an enjoyable and well-earned holiday. "One Team", "SUSTAIN THE FORCE".