CHIÈVRES, Belgium -- Teammates, "One Team, One Benelux!" I love that phrase and am proud to be the newest member of an organization whose motto is one of unity, selflessness and teamwork.

To the U.S. military and civilian members of the team I am excited to learn about the latest contributions you are making toward a Strong Europe and sustainment of the vital trans-Atlantic bond. I look forward to being part of this effort.

To all European members of the team, I am thrilled to be here and to be immersed in your ancient and esteemed cultures. My military service has afforded me the privilege of serving here on several occasions. It's great to be back amongst you all!

To the family members within the Benelux, you are not "dependents." Rather, you are a vital source of our strength. In that regard, those of us serving on the Benelux team depend on you! I appreciate and thank you for your sacrifices.

I served in Mons, Belgium from 2015-2017. During that time, I witnessed first-hand the dedication, professionalism and positive impact of Benelux military and civilian personnel. From those two years I can attest that the sterling reputation enjoyed by the Benelux team is one earned and fully deserved. I am ready to do my part to ensure this reputation continues and that each of you achieve your full potential.

"One Team, One Benelux!"