DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, Utah -- Dr. Chris Olsen, Chief of the Chemical Test Division, conducted a retirement ceremony for Dr. Steven L. Brimhall, June 28, at Dugway's West Desert Test Center, to honor his 32 years of government service."Dr. Brimhall has served as a Project Scientist for more than three decades, which I believe this makes him the longest serving chemist at the Chemical Lab. It's been so long that the new chem lab is now the old chem," Olsen said in good naturedly teasing to the delight of those attending. Vincent Liddiard, Dugway's chief of staff, presented Brimhall with a Superior Civilian Service Award signed by Brigadier General (P) Joel K. Tyler, commander of the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command in Aberdeen, Maryland.The award acclaimed Brimhall's outstanding mission support during his 32 years of exceptional service as chemist, project scientist, science branch chief, and senior scientist for the Chemical Test Division. The award also recognized his critical defense test support that resulted in the successful execution of a tremendous number of test programs. Programs ranged from chemical management of Pine Bark Beetles to testing chemical and biological expeditionary vehicles.He was also thanked or his dedication to duty, selfless service, and integrity, which were essential in providing high quality test data resulting in more effective equipment for our nation's warfighters, the United States Army, Dugway Proving Ground and the United States.A flag that had been flown over Dugway Proving Ground was also presented.A special moment came when Brimhall received his 30-year pin. His son pinned it to his collar as part of the ceremony. He expressed his gratitude to his family, telling all that attended that, "Family makes all we do possible." It was followed by a simple nod to his wife, who smiled at the tender tribute.A long line of friends and co-workers expressed their thanks and best wishes for a happy retirement.