WATERVLIET ARSENAL, N.Y. Aca,!aEURc The 40-Soldier U.S. Army Materiel Command Band from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., will perform this week at a citywide concert in Watervliet and will also kickoff the Albany Tulip Festival as part of a "Tribute to the Military" traveling program.

"After months of planning and coordination, the Watervliet Arsenal was able to secure the band to provide two free concerts to pay tribute to local military and veterans," said John Snyder, Watervliet Arsenal public affairs officer.

Because the Army Materiel Command (AMC) has subordinate units throughout the world, competition for the band's time was tough. Nevertheless, due to the superb support from the Watervliet and Albany City Halls' event staff to either create a venue or to give the band prominence in a planned venue, the AMC Band readily accepted the invitation to play before the Capital District audience, Snyder added.

"Although the Capital District is not a military community, such as Watertown and Fort Drum, it is a community with military as evidenced by the wealth of veterans who enrich our neighborhoods," said Snyder. "The Arsenal leadership is very pleased the AMC Band will pay tribute to the local military as a build up to larger community programs that will soon observe Memorial Day."

The band will play a variety of music ranging from traditional patriotic-type music to more contemporary rock music. Both concerts are free and open to the public.

The City of Watervliet concert is Thursday, 7 May, from 7 p.m. to 8:20 p.m., at the Watervliet High School auditorium. Watervliet Mayor Mike Manning is scheduled to introduce the band. As one of the evening's highlights, several Watervliet High School students will play a set with the band. Additionally, the band will recognize three local Army National Guard Soldiers for their service in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The band will also kickoff the Albany Tulip Festival Friday night, 8 May, in the Washington Park tulip beds and will perform from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Albany Mayor Gerald D. Jennings currently is scheduled to introduce the band.

The 60,000-member AMC organization is the Army's premier provider of materiel readiness - technology, acquisition support, materiel development, logistics power projection, and sustainment - to the total force, across the spectrum of joint military operations.

AMC is headquartered in Fort Belvoir, Va. and is located in 149 locations worldwide, including more than 30 states and 50 countries. The U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal is a subordinate command of AMC. If a Soldier shoots it, drives it, flies it, wears it, or eats it, AMC provides it.

The AMC Band, which was activated on Jan. 15, 1944, supports the AMC headquarters by playing at venues from Iraq to Watervliet, N.Y. In 2007, the band received an award of Campaign Participation Credit for its support to Operation Iraqi Freedom from 1 November 2003 to 2 February 2004.


John B. Snyder
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal
(518) 266-5055 Office
(518) 860-8577 Cell