2018 Urban Warrior Challenge, camaraderie at its best
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Army and Marine Corps service members engaged in another year of the Urban Warrior Challenge, where participants competed for the coveted 1st place awards in humid, hot weather near Spates Community Center June 21.

This is the fifth straight year of the competition. For the 2018 competition, 1o teams competed. Similar to last year's competition, Army servicemembers dominated Marine Corps service members. More specifically, Company H--who won the overall challenge last year--won again this year.

The Army teams finished in the top four spots in the Urban Warrior Challenge, based on results of four different games: 400 yard swim/ 1 mile run, 400 push ups/Ammo can lift, litter/Ammo can 1 mile run, and HMMMVV 100 yard pull. Marine Corps teams

(Henderson Hall 1 and Good Squad) placed fifth and seventh, respectively. It should be noted that the Army entered more teams in the competition than the Marine Corps.

The Army also won first and second place in the open competitive events--basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball--and also won the tug-of-war.

Service members earned rewards for participating in the annual event. Each participant in the Urban Warrior Challenge received two tickets to see the Washington Nationals play against the Atlanta Braves later in July.

On top of winning tickets for participating, service members earned additional tickets for coming in first place. The Washington Nationals provided tickets to the Old Guard's Company H --2018 Urban Warrior champs -- and Army Soldiers who won the tug of war match to watch a game in the Delta Sky360 Club, 8,550 square feet space behind home plate, at the Washington Nationals Stadium. Also, the owner of a local pizzeria congratulated the winners of the challenge with pizza party that will be held on the joint base.

But, the day was not only about who could collect the most spoils. It was also about gathering members from two distinct branches of the military to engage in a friendly competition and to eat barbecue.

"First, thank all you for coming out and participating," said Brian Meers, advertising and sponsorship coordinator for U.S. Army, while standing alongside Tricia Hindermann, advertising and manager at United States Marine Corps. "This has been the best event we've ever had. The competition (was) intense. The camaraderie was even better."

Pfc. Cory Rush, a Company H team member, competed in the 400 yard swim and 1 mile run. He said he enjoyed the friendly competitiveness of the games.

"It was very motivating (competing against other members of the military)," said Pvt. 1st Class Cory Rush, who use to be in the Navy before joining the Army. "I try to be supportive and everybody should be supportive of each other, but they should also have that competitive nature as well as to strive to be better."

Lt. Col. Thomas Sibley, executive officer at Headquarters and Service Battalion Henderson Hall, said he hoped that everyone had a good time.

"It was a great opportunity for everyone to get together on the base," said Sibley.

Col. Kimberly A. Peeples, the joint base commander, was also present. It was Peeples' first Urban Warrior Challenge since becoming the commander. During her speech, Peeples encouraged all present to applaud all those who supported the event.

"This was phenomenal," said Peeples. "We are a joint base. This is best joint base in all of the Army. I just want to say thank you. We are number one because we are a great team. So look around. We need to (engage) in more friendly competitions. Again, I want to say thank you so much for everybody coming here today. I want to thank you to our sponsors for all your generosity. Y'all are just amazing. A round of applause for everyone."

Pentagram Staff Writer Delonte Harrod can be reached at dharrod@dcmilitary.com.