Lt. Col. Toney Stephenson, former commander of the 902nd Contracting Battalion and deputy director of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord office of the Mission and Installation Contracting Command, continues his legacy at Army Contracting Command by being awarded one of Army Materiel Command's most prestigious honors: the Louis Dellamonica Award.Across the AMC enterprise, of more than 61,000 employees, only 11 were chosen as recipients for the 2017 Louis Dellamonica Award for AMC Outstanding Personnel of the Year. Of those selected, Stephenson was the only one representing Army Contracting Command.The Dellamonica Award recognizes AMC employees whose work efforts exemplifies integrity, innovation, leadership and outstanding dedication to AMC's mission.Stephenson has worked with AMC for 10 years and was nominated for the award based on his achievements, dedication and exemplary performance of duty.During the 902nd Contracting Battalion change of command ceremony in 2015, Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Gabbert, commanding general of the MICC, encouraged Stephenson to maintain the high standard and improve upon the systems already in place.Throughout his career, Stephenson has upheld these standards and responsibilities by consistently meeting mission requirements, improving materiel processes and pioneering resource management strategies."My job is to help orchestrate this team toward the future, and it starts with us doing this together," Stephenson said during his inaugural ceremony.Stephenson made it a priority to personally engage new commanders to ensure contract support and understanding. He constantly strived to improve productivity and morale by facilitating cooperation and fostering partnerships between multifaceted teams.During his time as battalion commander, Stephenson was personally requested by the I Corps G4 to coach, teach and mentor multiple units in preparation for the Pacific Command's largest readiness exercise. His acquisition leadership and management skills, along with his ability to seamlessly integrate personnel, has significantly contributed to AMC's mission and overarching objectives to sustain readiness.On May 22, 2018, Stephenson relinquished command of the 902nd Contracting Battalion to Lt. Col. Kevin Shilley.Stephenson now works as the program integrator for Arlington National Cemetery and all continental United States Army and national cemeteries.