The Military Attic: an opportunity to give and receive

By Joseph Kumzak, Presidio of Monterey Public AffairsJune 26, 2018

Organizing the Attic
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PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. -- The Monterey Military Attic provides household items, uniforms, clothing and other necessities at no cost to service members, E-6 and below and their family members.

Military and civilians across the community donate new and used items to help these service members offset the high cost of living in the area.

The Attic is managed by the Monterey Bay Military Housing Mayoral Program, which recruits and coordinates volunteers to run the facility and organize donated items. Volunteers also coordinate events and fund-raisers that support the community.

"This volunteer opportunity is for anyone … we currently have E-2 spouses up to an O-4 spouse, but nobody asks what rank your husband is -- we all just connect with each other and support each other," said Tabitha Williamson, the former Mayoral Program Coordinator.

With no paid staff or funding, the Attic operates entirely through volunteers and donations.

"We always need volunteers, especially now with PCS season," said Denise Sexson, the Attic manager. "We get low on volunteers and can't open without them."

Assistant program coordinator, Mellissa Evans was an Attic shopper before becoming a volunteer.

"It was so much cheaper because California prices and taxes are insane. So being able to get stuff here was a blessing," she said. "Please don't be shy … I want people to come in and get useful things for their families."

Volunteers work hard to keep the attic's items organized and make the shopping experience easy for customers. They have a child's playroom full of toys to keep the little ones entertained while parents shop.

"This is one of the most successful volunteer programs I have seen in my years with the Army," said Sharon Rice, Mayoral Program Manager. "We consistently have volunteers who are actually working … they're not sitting around gossiping -- they are physically working and earning their volunteer hours."

The Attic is conveniently located down the street from the Monterey Child Development Center at 826 Corregidor Road.

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