John A. Feagin, Jr. Sports Medicine Fellows from Keller Army Community Hospital -- alongside Sports Medicine Fellows from the Hospital for Special Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital, Columbia University, University of Connecticut Health Center and New York University-Langone Medical Center -- exchanged information and presented new research during the Fellow's Sports Medicine Conference, held at the Kimsey Center, West Point, N.Y., on June 14, 2018.The conference was hosted by Lt. Col. Matthew Posner, MD, Program Director, John A. Feagin Jr. Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship; Col. Chad Haley, Chief of Dept. of Surgery, Keller Army Community Hospital; Dr. Anil Ranawat, sports medicine/orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Bryan Kelly, sports medicine/orthopaedic surgeon, both from the Hospital for Special Surgery.This is the 25th year the John A. Feagin, Jr. Sports Medicine Fellowship has hosted sports medicine fellows from New York City. All six programs are considered elite sports medicine fellowships, recognized nationally and internationally, in cutting edge sports medicine surgery and research. The sports medicine fellows presented novel and new research to a panel of moderators and experts in the field.The 19 Fellows were divided into four sessions with each session focused on a specific topic: Shoulder I, Knee, Hip and Other, and Shoulder II. Keller's Fellows, their topics and titles of their research are:• Shoulder I -- Maj. Dana Hensley, MD: Rates and risk factors for recurrent instability during 4-years of follow-up in Cadets at the United States Military Academy with prior shoulder stabilization surgery.• Shoulder I -- Maj. Ronald Goodlett, MD: The association between generalized joint laxity upon entry to military service and the subsequent risk of glenohumeral instability.The Sports Medicine Fellows' Specialty Day was inaugurated at The Thayer Hotel, on the grounds of West Point, on Friday, June 11, 1993, with the attendings and fellows from the Hospital for Special Surgery and Keller Army Community Hospital. The idea of a Sports Medicine Fellows' Specialty Day was the invention of the West Point Fellow, Maj. Dean C. Taylor, MD. During his six-week rotation at The Hospital for Special Surgery, he thought it would be an excellent opportunity to feature a single day devoted to exchange of information and presentations by the respective Fellows' on new research and study work done in a particular area during the past year.Additionally, the Fellows' Conference took time to recognize Dr. Russ Warren from the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). He is a giant among sports medicine surgeons; and an integral part of the relationship between and collaboration with the John A. Feagin, Jr. Sports Medicine Fellowship and HSS Sports Medicine for the past three decades.