FORT STEWART, Ga. - Soldiers from the Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Brigade participated in the Taylors Creek Elementary School annual Field Day celebrations, April 1-8.

Field Day is an organized event and an overview of everything the students have done throughout the year, said Stephanie Thomas, a teacher's aide at Taylors Creek Elementary School.

Each day, a different grade spends half of their school day participating in relays and various other competitive events.

"It's just getting the kids together for a little competition," said Coach Robert Brennan, physical education teacher for Taylors Creek Elementary School. "Everybody wins and nobody loses. It's just to have a lot of fun."

The STB volunteered to come down and help run the events at Taylors Creek.

"We couldn't do it without the Soldiers," said Coach Brennan. "They love coming out here too. We had them last year too. They've been great."

Private First Class Shaquana Jamerson, STB, said she loves working with the kids and seeing them have a good time.

"Everyone is a having a lot of fun," said Pfc. Jamerson. "There's a lot of energy."

Working within the community is part of the 3rd Infantry Division and the Army's mission. Helping out in community activities, participating in community celebrations and attending local sports events are just a few of things the Army does to give back to the people who support it.

"This is part of what we do," said Spc. Sheinna Beltrain, STB. "We support the community and this elementary school."

The students and teachers at Taylors Creek also appreciate all the support that the Soldiers provide, said Thomas. They can see the excitement in the children's faces when the Soldiers show up for events.

"I know they've had a lot a fun," said Thomas. "I've heard more than 20 of them exclaim, 'Oh my gosh, we've had such a good time.'"

The kids expressed their excitement of the day's events and showed a positive attitude and good sportsmanship throughout the day.

"My favorite part was the tug-of-war," said Davion Mitchell, 4th grade student at Taylors Creek Elementary School. "It was OK if we lost, because we all had fun."