Functional Area 49 (FA49), Operations Research and Systems Analysis (ORSA), is looking for qualified individuals seeking to transfer during the first- and third-quarter Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program panels for FY 2019. ORSA is a growing field offering leaders at all levels statistical modeling and simulation tools to inform data-driven decisions. ORSAs are the Army's subject matter experts in the newly emerging field of data science who support organizations within the Human Resources, Cyber and Intelligence enterprises. Are you curious about how force generation models and rotation of forces are validated? Do you wonder how the billions of cyberattacks on our networks are logged and analyzed? Are you interested in how (or if) data affects decisions in operational environments, e.g. sustainment, offensive operations, etc.? As ORSAs, those are the types of questions we answer, the problems we tackle and the decisions we help inform.

Education and Training Opportunities

At its foundation, FA49 begins with education. Every newly accessed officer will have the opportunity to complete our Military Applications Course, which is an in-depth, 14-week course on statistics, modeling and simulation used to solve Army problems. Additionally, most will pursue fully funded graduate degrees at one of a number of excellent universities such as USC, MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Naval Postgraduate School and the Air Force Institute of Technology. If you already possess an advanced degree, you can rest assured that you'll be joining a team that values your skills and will work closely with you to ensure they are used to the greatest effect during the remainder of your service.

Where ORSAs Normally Serve

FA49 owns billets in various domains, offering the ability to serve around the world in unified combatant commands, Army service component commands and division headquarters, Army analytical organizations and the Department of the Army. This breadth of opportunity means that there is something for everyone, and we pride ourselves on managing the person, not the slot. It also means that our officers are influencing key decisions at every level across the joint force. ORSAs of all ranks provide analyses to senior leaders and have established themselves as key members of their commands. Our stock is high, and growing, as demand for our skill set continues to increase, and leaders recognize our unique contributions to decision making.

Who to Contact

For more information on what to expect of an ORSA career -- timeline, education, assignments and promotion -- visit our public website ( and our blog ( You can also find the necessary application forms at HRC's VTIP website

Feel free to contact our Proponent Office at or (703) 695-3906 for any questions you may have related to becoming an FA49.

Key Items to Remember

Read the MILPER messages carefully and ensure your application is submitted by the stated deadline. Regardless of your year group and branch status on the IN/OUT chart, you can submit a packet even if your branch is a "NO," "IN," or "CLOSED." You can also review our post at for further details.

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