CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea - Col. Rodney Gibson, Eighth Army G8 financial director and Col. Myung-sung Kim, Republic of Korea Army chief budget operations officer, hosted the first official Financial Management Support Conference between the U.S Army and the ROKA at the Friendship House on Yongsan, May 11.

"This was the first U.S.-ROK Financial Management Support Conference as we continue to build a strong alliance with our ROK partners," said Gibson.

The conference was conducted as a way to discuss U.S. and ROK Armies' financial performance organization and processes.

"The conference provided us a chance to learn from one another, identify best practices, and build a strong alliance," said Gibson. "I look forward to growing the relationship and learning more about the ROK financial management process."

Financial professionals from United States Forces Korea, Eighth Army, the 176th Financial Management Support Unit, the ROK Army, the Ministry of National Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Korean Army Financial Supervisory Service and the Military Command Financial Services Command were in attendance and had an opportunity to understand the U.S.-ROK financial management support processes.

"We were able to improve our financial support capability on the Korean Peninsula by getting together and introducing each other's affairs and discussing them," said Maj. Sang-seok Lee, the Combined Forces Command budget midterm planner. "The conference has contributed to the building of the solid alliance between the U.S. Army and ROK."

The ROK Army had a lot of questions pertaining to the operation of the U.S. Congressional Security Council, funding contingency operations, and peacetime operations.

"Korea's financial performance procedures are very systemic and efficient," said Maj. Benjamin Ecklor, the 176th Financial Management Support Unit commander. "I hope that the ROK-U.S. alliance will continue to develop through continuous business exchanges and friendly activities."