Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland - Saber Strike '18 provided the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command the opportunity to enhance readiness by establishing a joint air and missile defense operating picture with their Polish Allies. Chief Warrant Officer 3 Charles Garner, the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command Standardization Officer, said this was a first for both the U.S. and Polish Forces. "The Polish expressed to us that this was the first time establishing a joint common operating picture within their organization or any organization that they know of in their command," Garner said. Working with the Polish, Garner and his team configured a joint Link 11 Bravo data link, which established a common operating picture with the U.S. Army Air Defense Systems Integrator, the patriot Information Coordination Central and the patriot fire units, the Polish Surface to Air 3 missile system and Surface to Air Missile Operations Center. Building a common operating picture with our Polish Allies proved to be mutually beneficial Garner said. "It enhances interoperability in a cooperative, multi-national air and missile defense architecture," Garner said. "Some of the benefits that we gained were joint interoperability between two different weapons platforms fighting against the same type of threats in a joint multi-layered battlespace." Garner said working the Polish forces during Saber Strike '18 was a good experience and exemplifies the U.S. Army's commitment to our Allies. "In the end we made it happen together," Garner said.