A web-based program called iSportsman allows Fort Jackson hunters, anglers and cyclists to buy permits and check in and out of sites using their home computers or smart phones.

The iSportsman system debuted in February at Fort Jackson, streamlining a number of processes on post that had traditionally been anchored to brick-and-mortar offices on the installation.

iSportsman allows people to purchase hunting and fishing permits, check into and out of areas
and ponds, and report their catch or harvest. It also allows cyclists to check in and out of Fort Jackson as well.

"It's a one-stop shop," said Doug Morrow, chief of Fort Jackson's Environmental Division's
Wildlife Branch. "It's a place were hunters and anglers can go to get info about hunting and fishing, where they can purchase their permits for the installation, and where they can check the availability
of hunting and fishing areas on a daily basis."

Permits will no longer be sold at MWR's Marion Street Station. In addition, hunters no longer have
to sign in and out at the Big Game Check Station at Heise Pond unless they successfully harvest a
deer or turkey.

"We're also getting data on users that we had difficulty obtaining historically," Morrow said.

"In the past we had fairly low participation and response in our surveys. The way iSportmsan is
set up, when you check out you have to answer some survey questions, such as 'Did you catch
any fish?' 'What did you catch?' 'Did you keep them or returning them to the pond?' We're getting
much better data than in the past."

Cycling routes on post have also been added to the service the range areas, a system that allows
civilians who qualify to get identification cards that allow them to ride Fort Jackson roads.

Morrow said Fort Jackson's cycling routes are among the safest in the area.

"This has been very popular," Morrow said. "We're getting a lot of positive feedback."

iSportsman also helps Range Control, and Game Wardens contact outdoor enthusiasts in case of emergencies, post official said.

Visit https://ftjackson.isportsman.net/ for more information.