DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. -- U.S. Army Materiel Command Commanding General Gen. Gustave "Gus" Perna visited the Army's Tank-automotive and Armaments Command headquarters at the Detroit Arsenal on June 15, 2018.During his visit he recognized TACOM Integrated Logistics Support Center employee David Horton for his contributions to supply availability for Perna's top priority -- readiness."We cannot achieve materiel readiness without a responsive, efficient and disciplined supply chain" Perna said.Perna presented Horton with a commander coin for his efforts. Horton is ILSC's Ground Combat Support Readiness and Sustainment Director. His demand forecasting work, using recent trends to improve forecasting, resulted in increased forecast accuracy. Horton's work with contractors provided expedited deliveries and increased delivery quantities continuing to enable sustainable readiness."We must build depth, breadth and velocity back into the supply chain. To do that, leaders and logisticians are now armed with a world-class business process and supply chain strategy that guides planning and forecasting" Perna stated.