Two Army Reserve Veterinary Corps Soldiers from the 7335th Veterinary Detachment provided support to Public Health Activity- Italy, Rota Branch Veterinary Services from 7-27 May 2018.

Maj. Darrin Olson, Public Health Veterinarian, and Sgt. Lilia Walther, Animal Care Specialist, oversaw a 3-day Veterinary Treatment Facility special event which resulted in 62 patient encounters.

During their 21-day Overseas Deployment Training, they provided sick-call services to one Military Working Dog, conducted two Installation Food Vulnerability Assessments, three Military Sanitary Inspections, and one Commercial Audit. Walther also successfully cross-trained with Rota's Veterinary Food Inspectors and participated in food facility inspections across the installation.

Olson and Walther conducted training for Rota's Active Duty Veterinary Corps Soldiers, including Military Decision-Making Process and Army Service Uniform inspections / Proper Wear of Uniform as well as valuable resiliency techniques.

The two also provided MWD clinical emergency training to 10 handlers assigned to Naval Station Rota, preparing them for upcoming deployments in the African theater.

This mission directly supports the ongoing efforts of Public Health Activity- Italy to develop and strengthen relationships between Active Duty and Reserve Veterinary Corps components.