4 tips to avoid slips, trips & falls

By Mr. Seth Dyer (IMCOM)June 8, 2018

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KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported 5,190 workers were killed on the job in 2016, and one of the leading causes of work-related deaths was falls. The sad part is these tragic deaths were preventable.

First of all, people need to move past the idea that, "this can't happen to me." Slips, trips and falls can happen anytime, anywhere. During National Safety Month, the U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Safety Office offers helpful tips to keep your feet firmly on the ground at work or home.

4 Easy Tips to Stay on Your Feet

1. Clean Up: Housekeeping is the key ingredient to keeping your home or workplace free of slips, trips and falls. At home, many parents know the pain of stepping on a toy in the dark. Get your family in the habit of picking up toys and items off the floor before going to bed to help prevent those type of injuries. At work, make your environment safer by moving trip hazards like electrical cords, work equipment and tools from walkways.

2. Floor Coverings: A large area rug with a crease or one that rolls up on the corners can cause tripping hazards. Create a flat surface by using double-sided rug tape to secure floor coverings properly. You can also buy non-slip rug backings to keep them in place as well.

3. Grease and spills: Whether you work in a commercial kitchen or cook at home, spilled liquid and greasy floors can create slipping hazards. Clean the area by using enough hot water and soap to lift spilled liquid or grease from the floor. Make sure you wear slip-resistant footwear while cleaning and keep others away from the area until you're done. At work, cleaning up spilled fuel, grease, hydraulic fluid and other vehicle/aircraft fluids will prevent fall-related injuries in a maintenance shop or aircraft hangar. Drip pans only work to prevent the spill if they are cleaned up daily. Spill areas should be properly marked and cordoned off until it can be cleaned up.

4. Footwear: Whether you are at home or work, inside or outside, wear non-slip footwear when walking on slippery surfaces. At work, ensure slick surfaces are marked and people wear safety boots to enter industrial work sites. Many injuries are caused by people entering an industrial area wearing the wrong type of shoes instead of non-slip, industrial footwear.

The best tip of all is to be proactive and think of ways to protect yourself, your family and co-workers by removing hazards before any incidents occur. Being proactive and following these simple tips will help you remain on your feet and injury free!

For more information about slips, trips and fall prevention or National Safety Month, call the Kaiserslautern Safety Office at DSN 541-2301 or civilian at 0611-143-541-2301 or Baumholder Safety Office at DSN 531-2748 or civilian at 0611-143-531-2748.