Thanks to surveys sent to South Post Housing area residents in January and February that resulted in high customer-satisfaction ratings, the Fort McCoy Family Housing Office will receive a Platinum Customer-Service Excellence Neighborhood Award during Installation Management Command's (IMCOM) "Housing the Force" Conference in August.Fort McCoy posted a 29.6 percent return of the surveys with a 95.3 percent satisfaction rate for service, said Directorate of Public Works Director Liane Haun. IMCOM's survey return standard is set at 20 percent.Survey objectives were:* to better understand the quality and level of services being rendered.* ascertain the similarity/dissimilarilty of the property managers,' residents,' and owners' perception of identical performance measures.* provide a basis of measurement by utilizing industry data and baseline results.* develop and implement a time-phased plan of improvement.* quantify and evaluate the performance improvement over time.Survey benefits were the immediate feedback from residents, targeted areas for improvement, prioritized capital improvements, a vendor scorecard to measure performance, and a chance to improve bottom-line performance, Haun said.In the surveys, Fort McCoy Family Housing scored a 92.5 percent satisfaction rating with physical property as well as a 95.3 percent satisfaction with the services provided.The award honors Housing Manager Zach Hynes, Housing Referral Specialist Bob LaRock, Housing Assistant Brenda Downing, Housing Maintenance Inspector Walt Sanders, and recently retired DPW Chief of Housing Ross O'Neil."Zach, Brenda, Bob, Walt, and our newly retired Ross have done a fantastic job with the South Post Housing program and keeping our homes in great shape," Haun said.In January 2014, the Directorate of Public Works Housing Division offices moved to the South Post Housing area. At that time, the housing area had 57 homes, and many changes were planned. Now, South Post Housing has doubled in size.In summer 2017, 56 new ranch-style homes were accepted and opened, bringing the total to 113 homes available at the housing area.Hynes said in January that Fort McCoy Housing is a special place."We have a unique housing community," Hynes said. "All of our Families here live in single-Family homes with large, spacious yards. It's a very nice community."In August, Fort McCoy Family Housing representatives will attend the Housing the Force Conference. According to IMCOM, the training event brings together military housing and lodging professionals to learn the best practices in military housing.