The list of 2018 troop projects at Fort McCoy includes continuing progress on a shower facility at Improved Tactical Training Base (ITTB) Freedom on South Post and finishing a storage building started in 2017 near Range 2.

"Most all of the work for this year's troop projects will be held during the Combat Support Training Exercises in June and August," said Troop Projects Coordinator Larry Morrow with the Directorate of Public Works. "There is a lot of work, especially with smaller projects, we hope will get done during this summer."

In addition to continued work at the ITTB Freedom shower facility and the Range 2 storage facility, other projects include:

• building a picnic shelter at building 2171.

• installing parking lot lighting at buildings 2173 and 1447.

• constructing a portable shed at building 1024.

• placing a concrete dumpster pad at building 1024.

• installing a drinking fountain at building 1024.

• widening the entrance to Pine View Campground.

• building a recycle center at Pine View Campground and a 10-foot-by-10-foot shed for the campground host.

• continuing work on the marshalling yard at Young Air Assault Strip on South Post.

• making an explosion proof outlet at building 207.

• finishing a trail behind Equipment Concentration Site-67.

• building a separation wall at the Fire Desk at building 2954.

• completing miscellaneous electrical projects throughout post.

Morrow said completing these projects is very important. "If we didn't have these projects, many troops wouldn't get the training they need, and the post wouldn't benefit from the work they do to improve Fort McCoy training ranges and quality-of-life programs," he said.

In 2017, Soldiers with the the Army Reserve's 327th Engineer Company of Onalaska, Wis., started the work on the storage facility near Range 2. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joel Sikora with the 327th said working on the project while participating in a major exercise was important for his unit's Soldiers to maintain their skills.

"This was a full-spectrum (immersion) into what it means be to a Soldier," Sikora said. "For us, it's not just doing construction, or just doing a convoy, or just doing security. We are doing all of these (Warrior Tasks) every day in addition to what our (military occupational specialty) is, and we get better at everything."

Sikora also said the Soldiers of the 327th enjoy having a place like Fort McCoy to complete their training. Not only is it conveniently close to Onalaska, but the unit also appreciates the support received from the Fort McCoy team, especially from Morrow's team.

"Larry always takes care of us if we ever need anything," Sikora said.
"He's always got a (lengthy) list of stuff to do that we could be on active duty here for him. We know that if you want something for training, Larry has it. We've never showed up here and not had something to do for us to train on."

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