Capt. Monica N. Steadman, RN Residential Treatment Facility Eisenhower Army Medical CenterThe Residential Treatment Facility at Eisenhower Army Medical Center expanded its 5-star patient care by incrementally increasing its census May 15 and, by June 12, the expansion will be complete with a total of 36 beds available.The four-week alcohol and substance abuse recovery program provided by the RTF provides holistic and comprehensive medical and mental health care to Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine service members. Before the expansion, the RTF had the capacity to treat 28 service members each month.The RTF, created in 2009, is an intensive inpatient, military-focused program for active duty U.S. military personnel with alcohol and other substance use disorders. Its mission is to "strengthen the overall fitness and readiness of the military force."PTSD, depression, mTBI and many other co-occurring illnesses may also be addressed over the course of treatment to promote therapeutic change and return service members to the military force. Service members are referred to the RTF through Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care or other service-equivalent programs."The National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2015 reported that 1 out of 15 veterans had a substance abuse problem with in the past year," said Col. Phillip Horton, the RTF medical director. "However, most do not seek help or go untreated."To help complete the RTF's mission, several staff have joined the Eisenhower family. The staff welcomes RNs: Danny Grant, Candy Gault, Jeneen Gabriel, Sarah Parker, Mary Malagoti, Jacquelyn Hedman, Cory Zeller, Patricia Armstrong and Latoya Harris. New behavioral health technicians are Melisa Hall, Cynthia Spencer and Damian Cooper. Sharie Davis, clinical social worker, has also joined the RTF team.This mission would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the current RTF family, said Maj. Ebony Chatman, CNOIC. They have led the way in providing 5-Star care to service members and enabling this expansion."The RTF is not about one person," Chatman said. "It is our team approach that makes the difference. Our interdisciplinary treatment is how we deliver 5-Star care to each and every service member."The RTF continues its mission to deliver holistic, 5-Star patient care with the excellent ancillary services of EAMC. Services provided to patients throughout the hospital dynamically impact the RTF's service members in recovery and strengthen America's military force.