CAMP MARECHAL DE LATTRE DE TASSIGNY, Kosovo - Soldiers in 3rd Squadron, 61st Calvary Regiment, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, conducted advanced rifle marksmanship and individual movement techniques training May 24 to maintain proficiency of basic Soldier skills.

Sgt. Jacob L. Boughner and Sgt. James R. Gould, Team Leaders for 3rd Platoon, Alpha Troop, were the instructors for this training. The exercise began at 9 a.m. with reflexive fire and basic individual movement techniques. The individual movement techniques covered individual, buddy team, team and section movement techniques where Soldiers had to bound forward and react to both direct and indirect fire. This training also required Soldiers to communicate effectively while decisively engaging targets, therefore encompassing the "shoot, move, communicate" concept.

"Training Soldiers is the reason I love my job," Gould said. "I chose to lead this training because it allows the Soldiers to have a better understanding of alternative ways they can engage and destroy the enemy in close combat by fire and maneuver."

"Soldiers identified their individual weaknesses and were able to successfully overcome them through multiple repetitions of the exercise," Boughner said.

The culminating event began at 1 p.m. with Soldiers patrolling in a wedge formation and receiving indirect contact. Soldiers reacted to indirect fire and took cover in a ditch. After taking cover, they received direct fire from the opposing force (OPFOR) and effectively reacted to direct fire utilizing individual movement techniques. Soldiers used alternating bounding techniques to move behind cover. While one team bounded, the other team laid down suppressive fire. Once the Soldiers successfully suppressed the enemy, they assaulted through the objective.

During the exercise, Sgt. Boughner identified casualties. Soldiers had to secure and care for the casualties under fire while suppressing the enemy.

Staff Sgt. Daniel P. Silva, the Alpha Section sergeant for 3rd Platoon, Alpha Troop, said, "I am extremely proud of my Team Leaders common-sense approach to training. They utilized the terrain as well as equipment, such as pallets and non-tactical vehicles as obstacles for cover and concealment. I was amazed to see the Soldiers identify the ditch and pallets as cover because that displays their ability to think under fire. Once a Soldier was wounded, the Soldiers moved him to cover and began buddy aid. This tells me that they are paying attention to the training they receive and are able to apply them to real world situations. I am happy to be a leader in this organization."

The 3rd Squadron, 61st Calvary Regiment, based in Fort Carson, Colorado, is deployed to Kosovo on a nine-month peacekeeping and security mission, serving as the main maneuver element for Kosovo Force's (KFOR) Multi-National Battle Group - East.