ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Depot personnel achieved many of the Group Award Program metrics in fiscal year 2017, resulting in a maximum payout of $1,125 for eligible employees.

As always, ANAD employees are reminded the goal of the GAP is to reward the workforce for contributions enabling the depot to meet or exceed established metrics in support of readiness efforts.

For fiscal year 2018, an agreement has been reached between ANAD leadership and the local chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees, AFGE 1945.

The maximum payout established for FY18 is $2,000 per eligible employee, based on the criteria provided below, with an anticipated payout date of Nov. 22, 2018. This amount reflects an increase of $500 per eligible employee over last year's program. The current payout is $1,375.

There are four metrics this year. The categories are:
• Productive Yield -- both direct and indirect
• Performance to Promise
• Net Operating Result
• Continuous Process Improvement

The entire policy, including metrics, is available on the ANAD Intranet under Regulations & Policies/Commander's Policies/ANAD GAP FY18 Policy, for those who would like to read about, or better understand, the overall goals.

Additionally, the policy will be disseminated to all ANAD personnel with computer access.

If anyone has questions concerning ways to positively impact the metrics, please speak with your supervisor.

As we did last year, progress against the metrics will be provided on a recurring basis in TRACKS. Please be sure to read and "track" where we stand each time.

The workforce is already performing well with many of these metrics and I am confident our team will be successful in achieving the stated goals.

Go Team ANAD!

GAP update
For eligible personnel to receive the maximum GAP payout, all metrics must be met. Everyone must do their part each day to achieve these goals, which are attainable and important in executing ANAD's mission.
Productive Yield:
Direct Productive Yield (Direct Labor Hours):
Greater than 1,600 -- $250.00
1,579-1,600 -- $187.50
1,557-1,578 -- $125.00
1,534-1,556 -- $62.50
Less than 1,534 -- $0
Current hours -- 1,574
Current payout -- $125

Indirect Productive Yield:
Equal to or Greater than 1,702 -- $250.00
1,683-1,701 -- $187.50
1,663-1,682 -- $125.00
1,642-1,662 -- $62.50
Less than 1,642 -- $0
Current hours -- 1,628
Current payout -- $0

Performance to Promise (percentage):
100 -- $500.00
90-99 -- $375.00
85-89 -- $250.00
Less than 85 -- $0
Current percentage -- 94
Current payout -- $375

Net Operating Result:
NOR loss less than -$8M -- $500.00
NOR loss between -$8M and -$13M -- $375.00
NOR loss between -$13M and -$18M -- $250.00
NOR loss between -$18M and -$23.2M -- $125.00
NOR loss is greater than -$12.2M -- $0
Current loss -- -$12M
Current payout -- $375

Continuous Process Improvement
Above $25M in savings - $500
$20M-$25M in savings - $375
$15M-$20M in savings - $250
$10M-$15M in savings - $125
Less than $10M in savings - $0
Current savings -- $29M
Current payout -- $500