ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program is set to begin its final phase of implementation at Anniston Army Depot as all wage grade employees are transitioned from the Total Army Performance Evaluation System into DPMAP June 1.

Throughout the last year and a half, ANAD's Training Office has been diligently working to ensure every individual on the installation has been taught to use DPMAP for their performance appraisals.

Today, the only employees who have not received training are those who have been on extended sick leave or have been TDY for a prolonged period of time.

Training began with employees in the general schedule grade of 13 or higher. These supervisors, directors and leaders transitioned into DPMAP July 1, 2017.

The remaining GS employees transitioned in November 2017 along with all wage supervisor and wage leader employees.

"This new performance management program establishes a fair, credible and transparent performance appraisal process for all DOD civilian employees managed through the use of an automated tool," said Gen. Gus Perna, commanding general of the Army Materiel Command in remarks about the DPMAP system. "The program links organizational mission and goals to individual performance plans and provides opportunities for ongoing feedback and recognition throughout the appraisal cycle."

As wage grade employees become eligible to use DPMAP, they will have 30 days, beginning June 1, to input their performance plans and have them approved.

For those without regular computer access, accommodations have been made to enable supervisors or trusted agents to input the performance plans and additional modifications will ensure employees are able to approve those plans.

"We have been given permission for WG employees to sign a paper copy of their appraisal plan," said Sean Perry, the depot's supervisory training instructor.

Once a signature is obtained, supervisors can acknowledge the plan in DPMAP on the employee's behalf and must state why they are signing for the employee.

The paper copy will be maintained in the employee's records.

"For WG employees, their plans will exist in two places -- electronically and in a paper copy -- much as they did under TAPES," said Perry.

In addition to training all ANAD employees, the training office assisted several of the depot's tenants with DPMAP training, including the Anniston Munitions Center, the Army Contracting Command - Warren and the U.S. Army Museum Support Center.

Additional training has begun to ensure supervisors and directors are constructing standards in a measurable manner. The training is currently being implemented by directorate for supervisors, but will eventually be available to all employees.

Anyone needing assistance with DPMAP is encouraged to contact the depot's Training Office at Exts. 3272, 3273, 3274, 3275 or via e-mail at