Indigenous approach
- ARSOF live among, train, advise, and fight alongside people of foreign cultures
- Achieve effects with and through partner forces.
- Includes Unconventional Warfare and Foreign Internal Defense

Precision targeting operations
- Direct Action and counter-network activities against individuals and infrastructure
- buy time/space for other ops to gain traction, (counterinsurgency)
- collapse transregional threat networks through deliberate targeting of critical enemy nodes (counterterrorism)

Developing understanding and wielding influence
- Are essential aspects of value SOF capabilities provide the Nation
- SOF network of personnel, assets, and formations represent means to obtain early understanding
- SOF network also influences outcomes, especially in conflict short of overt war

Crisis response
- Through forces standing alert and those persistently deployed and dispersed in unstable parts of the world
- Provides options to rescue people under threat, to recover sensitive materials, or other short notice requirements