The Civilian Personnel Division (CIVPERS) of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's (SDDC) G1/4 Personnel and Logistics Directorate was awarded the 2017 Excellence in Government Administrative Team of the Year Award (Level II -- Large Organization) by the St. Louis Federal Executive Board at an awards ceremony held in St. Louis May 10.

The Awards Ceremony is hosted annually to recognize current military, postal and federal employees for their individual and team accomplishments both in the work place and in the community at large.

"It is an outstanding honor to have an SDDC team recognized by the Federal Executive Board," said G1/4 director Clay Carter.

Carter said that part of the reason the CIVPERS Team was selected was based on the efforts they displayed last year with the implementation of the new Department of Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP).

Lance Davidson, a human research specialist and one of the winning team members, also noted that the team was selected because of their exceptional work ethic.

"It was an amazing team effort with everyone in our division supporting one another -- from covering for absent instructors, helping to print materials, taking materials to base facilities to help set up classes, answering the many questions from the workforce, running reports, and maintaining a positive attitude through some trying times over an eight-month period," he said.

"The selection board recognized how our large team had to come together as one to accomplish the daunting tasks assigned to us," he added.

Carter agrees that it was their "team" approach that earned them the win.

"This required coordinated efforts of the entire team, and their dedication, teamwork and professionalism was prominent throughout. This award recognizes a job well done and duly recognizes one of the hardest working but unsung teams in SDDC, the CIVPERS team," he said.

Thirty-five agencies submitted a total of 110 nominations for various award categories in 2017.