On May 11, Madigan Army Medical Center's Pediatric Department held the first of many "Facebook LIVE!" town halls. The interactive format uses social media to keep patients engaged in new innovative ways. The town hall panel consisted of a diverse range of subject matter experts from Madigan's pediatric team: Col. Matthew Studer, chief of the Department of Pediatrics, Lt. Col. Jason Caboot, section chief of Pediatric Subspecialty Services, Col. Jeffrey Greene, section chief of Pediatric Primary Care. Lt. Col. Melissa Forouhar, deputy chief of the Department of Pediatrics, and Serena Gruba, chief nurse of Pediatric Primary Care.

"For patients who are at home, busy, or unable to attend a traditional town hall, but have access to their smartphone, tablet or laptop, virtual town halls give them an opportunity to participate regardless of their location or schedule," said Jay Ebbeson, Madigan's Public Affairs officer.

The video reached over 4,500 Facebook users overall and had over 1,100 live views. "I believe we met the intent of what we were hoping to accomplish," said Studer. "We want to make sure we are engaged with our patients, providing the very best care, and hearing the concerns of our military families."